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China’s Manufacturing Activity Squeezed For The Sixth Straight Month

Recently, China reported that factory activity has squeezed for the consecutive sixth month in October, with the official PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) for manufacturing noted at 49.3 for October. Analysts surveyed by Reuters anticipated October’s authorized manufacturing PMI to continue flat. The PMI readings more than 50 signify expansion, whereas those lesser than that level indicate contraction. During September, the authorized manufacturing PMI was about 49.8, as per to the nation’s statistics bureau. The PMI is a review of how businesses see the operating background. Such data provide a first glance into what is happening in the financial system, as they are normally amongst the first main economic pointers released every month.

China’s PMI data was closely monitored by international financiers for indications of trouble in the middle of a national financial slowdown and the persistent U.S.-China trade battle. The lawmakers have limited alternatives to advance growth, mainly in the region of financial policy like curbing interest rates. The prices of pork—which is a staple food—soared this year owing to a viral outburst, driving up food costs. Hao Hong—Chief of Research and Chief Strategist at the BoCom (Bank of Communications International)—said to CNBC, “You simply have to tough it out. This is actually a kind of embarrassing dilemma that the central bank cannot trim interest rate to strengthen growth, so, therefore, the Chinese market tends not to perform very well when the financial system is declining down whereas inflation is surging.”

On a similar note, recently, Asian stocks were mixed as the Fed (Federal Reserve) slashed rates. The stocks in Asia were compounded following the U.S. Fed curbed interest rates for the straight third time this year and signaled the prospect of a break in alleviating monetary policy. Samsung posted proceeds that were better than the direction given by the firm previously in October.

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