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NASA Carries Out Trials For The Latest Imaging Technology

NASA carried out a successful launch of its experimental telescope named Far-ultraviolet Off Rowland-circle Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy (Fortis). While a Black Brant IX sounding rocket was used to launch this telescope, this launch was successfully carried out as per the schedule from the White Sands missile range in New Mexico.

This is said to be one of the recent operations in a series of Fortis launches that are intended to test the latest technology through which the study of diverse targets at a same time is possible. The technology called the Next-Generation Microshutter Array (NGMSA) offers an imaging chip with approximately 8,125 small shutters, with every shutter having the same width as that of a human hair. In order to focus on the particular targets, these shutters close and open as required. The research on the technique with which gas is being released out from the galaxy M33’s exploding stars is done by Fortis.

While supernovae and brightest star clusters of the galaxy were targeted by Fortis, the data gathered by this telescope is supposed to assist scientists in comprehending the method with which the matter recycling is carried out in the galaxy and incorporated in the upcoming stars’ generation. Moreover, a parachute was used to take the Fortis telescope back on the Earth and the initial assessment states that the information collected by the telescope is good. A complete scientific assessment of this data will be carried out shortly.

On a similar note, the launch of Gaofen-7, a latest high-resolution remote-sensing satellite with a capability to offer stereoscopic imagery was performed by China recently. This is said to be one of the key steps by the nation in order to minimize its dependence on overseas technology in topographic mapping. The launch of this high-resolution satellite was carried out from the Taiyuan satellite launch center, northern China.

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