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Tesla’s Updated Autopilot Can Now Spot Traffic Cones

Tesla had its Autopilot programmed to recognize cars on the road but not the traffic cones. Thus, the carmaker has recently reprogrammed its vehicle to even spot the traffic cones that are laid on the roads. An Autopilot update is soon going to be rolled out by Tesla to help its electric cars easily identify and flaunt the traffic cones on the road. The updated version will let users using Navigate on Autopilot have their vehicle changing lanes to avoid hitting cones and, in turn, have complete control over the construction work. For now, the users may find trusting the new feature critical.

There were talks in the town that the Autopilot does not always spot the cones and thus, the chances of accidents only amplify. Though the Autopilot is fully programmed and trained, Tesla has always advised drivers to have their eyes glued on the roads. The idea of enabling full self-driving concept in the future is a dream for Tesla. Thus, the carmaker is working on the cars and software to assist in recognizing and virtually tackling any road object. This new update could aid Tesla in the long run and make hands-free driving universal. Tesla is having more and more new features added to Autopilot to help minimize the rate of accidents and ease driving without straining the eyes.

On a parallel note, Tesla was previously in the news for having many of its vehicles bursting into flames. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has possibly found the batteries of Tesla sedans and SUVs to be defective as many of them spontaneously erupted into flames. The NHTSA has sent a letter to the company saying that they must provide details based on software updates to the battery management system and other documents like consumer complaints or any reports related to the car fires.

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