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New Bubble Wrap protective packaging from Sealed Air uses 30% or 50% recycled plastic waste

New Bubble Wrap protective packaging from Sealed Air uses 30% or 50% recycled plastic waste

Both AirCap LRT and IB Recycled Content Films from Bubble Wrap are manufactured with at least 30% post-consumer recycled plastic.

There are pre-inflated rolls of Bubble Wrap’s AirCap LRT available, and the company’s Bubble Wrap IB Recycled Content Films can be inflated on demand.

Both films come with a selection of bubble sizes to use as padding or as wrapping for a wide variety of objects.

A minimum of 50% recycled plastic is used in the production of the new Bubble Wrap brand Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency Recycled Content Films. This minimum is comprised of 30% third-party certified material gathered from post-consumer trash and 20% Post Industrial Recycled content (PIR).

This void fill packaging has a layer that is only 12.7 microns thick, yet it maximizes air retention for maximum durability and reusability. Films can be inflated on demand, and various sized void fill cushions are available to meet a variety of packaging requirements.

The new inflatables are designed for the health and beauty, consumer electronics, and automotive omnichannel, E-Commerce retail and fulfilment markets.

“Bubble Wrap brand inflatables have been improving to assist firms enhance their sustainability,” said Eric Van Der Kallen, EMEA platform manager for protective packaging solutions inflatables at Sealed Air. Thinner, lighter, and tougher coatings improve product protection while decreasing carbon emissions and waste from damage.

The films’ incorporation of recycled materials represents a significant improvement in the environmentally friendly nature of packaging. It gives businesses more options for cushioning, wrapping, and void fill to tackle the double whammy of securing things in transit while also meeting the demands of more discerning consumers.

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