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Melamine Panel Market Size, Growth, Challenges, Opportunities, Segmentation Analysis 2022

Melamine Panel Market Size Overview

Melamine Panel Market Size

With a projected CAGR of 4.7% between 2021 and 2028, the global melamine panel market size is expected to expand from its 2021 valuation of roughly USD 8.9 billion to a 2028 valuation of around USD 11.7 billion.

Melamine panels’ tough, durable surface is the result of heating and pressing resin-impregnated paper. They are widely utilised in the construction of household cabinetry, countertops, and other furnishings.

Wall panelling, office partitions, and store fixtures are just some of the many building applications for melamine panels. Construction, transportation, food and beverage processing, and textiles are just some of the industries that stand to benefit from melamine panels’ sturdy build, hard surface, glossy finish, and high resistance to heat, moisture, stains, and wear.

The increasing demand for melamine panels as a raw material for wood glue and its subsequent use in the bonding of medium-density fiberboard and hardwood with laminates are two key reasons driving the worldwide melamine panels market upwards. The rising need for melamine resins and foams in applications as diverse as high-strength concrete, thermoset polymers, and carbon nanotubes is also expected to fuel the melamine panels industry’s future growth.

Melamine Panel Market: Growth Drivers

Rising demand for melamine panels in automobiles is a key factor propelling the industry forward.

Melamine resins are resistant to chemicals, can withstand high temperatures, and cure rapidly. They’re used to make fancy laminates for covering car interiors and exteriors. Melamine, a thermo-reactive compound used in coatings to provide durability and protection against the elements and scratches. As an added bonus, melamine resin coatings help reduce solvent emissions from cars. Melamine foam’s increasing popularity is driving industry growth. This is because the material is both lightweight and effective at insulating and dampening noise in components subjected to high temperatures. As the automobile sector grows in a number of regions, so too will the need for melamine panels.

Limitations in the Melamine Panel Market

Constraints on market expansion include a lack of variety in design, the use of synthetic materials, and a lack of tolerance for high temperatures.

Melamine panels are especially vulnerable to heat damage because of their low thermal resistance. Melamine panels, despite their attractive appearance, are made from synthetic materials. Melamine panels can only have flat surfaces; no door patterns or profiles can be routed into them. These factors are expected to lessen the need for melamine panels in the near future.

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Opportunities: Melamine-Based Panels Market 

An uptick in demand stemming from new and varied uses for melamine panels is driving the industry forward.

Artificial fibres made up of at least 50% cross-linked melamine polymer by weight are known as melamine panels. Melamine panels have low thermal conductivity, excellent flame resistance, and self-extinguishing capabilities; they also maintain their dimensions and temperature at a constant operating temperature of about 400°F (200°C). Because of their many benefits, melamine panels have become a popular alternative to flame-resistant fabrics. Melamine foam is an excellent insulator for buildings with non-traditional pore structures. Melamine panels can be used for fire-retardant applications like firefighter safety gear, beds, and home furnishings. They are also commonly used in the aerospace industry and other high-risk fields. Additional potential applications include high-performance electrical papers and filter media, heat-resistant gloves, tyre sealants, thermal insulation liners, and specialised flame-resistant papers. Because of this, the global market for melamine panels is expected to expand throughout the forecast period.

Melamine Panel Market Challenges

Toxic amounts of melamine will slow the expansion of the market.

Consumption of melamine has been linked to reproductive issues, bladder cancer, and the development of kidney or bladder stones. According to research from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), kidney failure can occur when melamine and cyanuric acid crystallise after being absorbed into the bloodstream and interact in urine-filled renal tubules, creating massive amounts of round, yellow crystals that obstruct and kill the renal cells that line the channels. The director of food safety at the World Health Organization also found that 0.2 milligrammes per kilogramme of body weight is the acceptable daily intake (TDI) of melamine. Therefore, the high hazardous quantity of melamine may further restrain market expansion throughout the predicted term.

Global Melamine Panel Market is segmented as follows:

By Type

  • Particle Panels
  • Density Panels

By Application

  • Walls
  • Decorative Materials
  • Roof
  • Floors
  • Others

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