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Elon Musk Hints At Expanding SolarGlass To Europe And China

While replying to a tweet on Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk conceded that the company will be soon expanding its solar roof tile solutions called the SolarGlass to Europe and China. While not giving away any concrete details, Musk just said that the official dates for the launch of SolarGlass in Europe and China will be announced soon. The company aims to achieve a thousand installations per week and thus the expansion plans will mean a lot for it. For now though, the company is estimated to have delivered only a total of 200 SolarGlass solutions so far, way below its target of 1000 installations per week.

Tesla announced the third version of SolarGlass late last year and managed to upstage a price drop of around 40 per cent. This was achieved by optimization of the SolarGlassand by facilitating quicker installations. Ever since the version 3 was launched, Elon Musk has consistently advocated for a push in the production. However, Tesla should be aware that they will have to make a large number of recruitments in order to stay on course with timely installations. For now, Tesla is taking about two weeks to complete the entire installation process. The company, for now, is operating in places where it does have well-equipped installation teams in place.

Talking about the positives for Tesla, the company recently announced it will be resuming production at its Shanghai Gigafactory after a temporary disclosure due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Tesla became one of the first companies to resume operations in China. The company will be receiving major assistance from the Chinese government to ensure added security for its employees. Tesla released an official notice explaining what added security checks have been put in place to prevent the Coronavirus from entering into its premises.

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