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Theories going on about formation of the black holes.

Till now the researchers had been theorizing the formation as well as the existence of the pairs of black holes present in the universe however the universe as well as the origin of the stars and the predecessors are still a big mystery as per the Vanderbilt University and LIGO astrophysicist by the name of Karan Jana as well as the co- authors Avi Loeb who are at the Harvard University talking about the new study which is leveraging the general theory of Einstein with regard to relativity that explains how the interaction takes place between the black holes and it eventually collides by the use of the LIGO data for taking the inventory of the time of the universe and the resources at a particular point in time.

Loeb and Jani had developed accounting of constraints for every step in the proves of binary black hole, the number of stars which are available in the universe and the process of each of the stars which are transitioning into one individual black hole and detecting the eventual collision of the black holes which are picked up many millions of years later by the LIGO as the gravitational waves had been impacted.

After the breakthrough in the gravitational wave astronomy in the year 2015, the scientists have been detecting over a dozen of the pairs of binary black holes by them colliding into each other because of gravity, though it is still debated how many of the black holes had been born from the stars and how they have been able to collide within the lifetime of the universe say the researchers and the experts.

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