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Study finds, losing fat in your tongue might recover sleep apnea

We all have never asked ourselves whether we have a fat tongue or not? Well, if you are among 1 billion individualsworldwide who are suffering from disruptive sleep apnea, having a fat tongue might be a chief reason why you choke, snore, stop breathing periodically while sleeping or gasp, running your sleep and possibly your health. So, the question is, if the fat present in your tongue gets reduced, will that improve sleep apnea? And the response is ‘sure’, said Dr. Richard Schwab, who is sleep specialist from Penn Medicine, and the lead author of the study printed recently in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

For this condition, obesity is a maininfluence. It was found by Schwab and his colleagues in their last study that, obese people with obstructive sleep apnea had significantlybigger tongues with advanced percentages of tongue fat as compare to obese people having no condition. It was found by the new study that;the tongue fat can be lowered down by losing the entire bodyfat. Dr. Raj Dasgupta, who was not involved with the said that, tongue size can be reduced by reducing excess fat in general is demonstrated by this study.

MRI imaging was used by the researchers in the new paper, to gauge the outcome of upper airways of a 10 percent weight loss in sixty-seven obese patients. It was showed by the images that, tongue fat was the initial cause sleep apnea slashes enhanced by 31 percent. Schwab said that, the tongue fat is inversely proportional to your sleep apnea. Your sleep apnea is improved as you reduce more and more tongue fat. OSA, which is called as obstructive sleep apnea is dangerous to one’s health. The white matter of human brain can be damaged by it.

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