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Study finds, blood pressure can be lowered by DASH diet

Apparently, it has been found that the DASH regime helps to prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure. DASH in the DASH regime stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension and it was established in the beginning of the 1990s when different methods to lower the blood pressure was being searched by the NIH. Since that time, it was found by the studies that, blood pressure can be lowered by the DASH diet long with preventing heart diseases among individuals over time. Here’s what one needs to know regarding the DASH diet.

Basically, the diet mainly focuses on foods, which are rich in nutrients and low in sodium, like many vegetables and fruits. Lisa Sassoon, who is registered dietitian and clinical professor of food and nutrition at NY University said that, since so long, people have only focused on cutting off sodium. Now we know that counting more of the additional minerals present in the plant-based nutrients is very beneficial and helpful. A helpful guide is offered by the NIH for following the DASH diet consuming strategy, with recommended serving portions based on your regular calory intake and instances of the best nourishments to consume.

Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy or fat-free dairy, limited sweets, oils and fats, seeds, nuts and legumes are mainly recommended by it. Specifically, you will have to consume foods, which are high in magnesium, potassium, fiber and calcium. Few examples of DASH-approved foods are oatmeal, potatoes, leafy greens, bananas, apples, mixed nuts and oranges. In the year 2017, a study was printed in the American College of Cardiology examined nearly 412 members having stage-1 of hypertension or pre-hypertension. It was found by the study that, participants following the DASH regimelowered their intake of sodium to 1,150 mg each day for thirty days.

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