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Space X sends 60 more Starlink satellites into orbit

Space X founded by workaholic Elon Musk who first showed NASA how to build reusable rockets have send another 60 satellites to bolster its Starlink network.

The total number of Starlink satellite now stands at 182. Space X has plans to provide a global broadband internet service. The latest satellites were sent into space by a Falcon-9 rocket. The rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

With the addition of these 60 more satellites in space means that Space X now operates more satellites than any other company. The next highest number of satellites is owned by Planet labs whose number stands somewhere just under 150. Its satellites are used for earth surface imaging.

Space X has obtained permission to launch up to 12,000 satellites but has plans to increase that number up to 45,000 depending on how the project develops.

Space X has plans to send two more batches of 60 satellites each before the end of this month. It is planning to provide some regional broadband service later this year.

But this has been a major concern for the astronauts and space scientists as so many objects in the space will obstruct their view of the cosmos. To fight against their issue they have released the pictures of the small bright dots which are the reflections of the satellites as they move around the Earth. Space X, however, believes that the point of the scientists is not that concerning.

The company told that the satellites are bright shortly after their launch but that is a part of the configuration process as these satellites reach a height of 550 km above the earth’s surface from 290 km up in space.

Once it reaches their orbiting altitude the satellites due to their small size should hardly be visible in the space.

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