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US federal website hacked with a pro-Iranian message

A US government website was hacked by hackers claiming to be from Iran and have posted a pro-Iranian message on it.

On the website of Federal Depository Library Program visitors saw the picture of American President Mr Trump with a bloodied face and is being punched in the face. A short message alongside the image told that the hackers’ sole purpose to hack the site was to retaliate against the killing of Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani.

The American authorities are yet to confirm whether the act was planned and executed by hackers from Iran.   A message which was later deleted also told the visitors that martyrdom was a great reward from commander Soleimani’s effort for several years.

With the power of God, the path shown by him will not be forgotten by people and there is serious revenge was waiting for the criminals who had killed the commander.

Iran had vowed that it would undertake huge retaliation for the assassination of Soleimani. Cybersecurity experts had already given warnings of cyberattacks.

A spokesperson and on behalf of Homeland security the security agency told that it was monitoring the situation. Currently, the website is offline and it cannot be accessed. In a message it also told other governmental organizations to increase the cybersecurity and have emergency action plans in case of a cyber attack.

Cyberwarfare is much more destructive form of warfare as it can affect the different aspects of a country like share prices. The most important thing about them is that they can happen any time and without warnings.

Soleimani 62 was a military commander who was considered to be a terrorist in the US. Soleimani was the leader of the Quds force. The new commander in charge has vowed to expel the US military out of the US.

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