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United States less reliant on Middle East for oil than earlier

The shocks of Oil supply are still pretty bad for the economy of the United States however they are not quite as bad as they had been and that transformation has led to a lot of the implications for the foreign policy of America. There is no longer a need for the strong imperatives which the country had faced at one point of time as the Middle East had been protecting their oil flow. However as was evident in the airstrike last week which had killed the general of Iran, Qassem Soleimani, there is a lot more freedom with which the United States has been operating without having to worry about the oil flow.

A key feature of the economy in the 1970s had been the recessions which were driven due to oil. The embargoes and turmoil in the Middle East had let to the supplies of the gasoline being limited which led to the prices rising. The amount being spent on energy had gone from being lesser than that of 8% of the economy in the United States to over 13 % with the dawn of the 1980s and the need for the payment of more gas had meant that there was little room left to pay for any other thing.

The prices of oil spiking had been a major factor in the stagflation of the 1970s as the prices had risen however the output of economy had been poor. This caused a need for ensuring the reliable supplies at stable price had been a major driver for the foreign policies for many a decade. However, major changes post the 70s have been making the trade of oil less important economically for the United States than it had once been.

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