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Goldman Sachs reportedly negotiating a deal with Department of Justice

Goldman Sachs are now in the advanced stages of negotiations with the Department of Justice in the United States for paying fines worth $2 billion which are tied to the role that they had in 1MDB scandal.

The talks although are still being speculated to have not been finalized, it is being reported that the deal might be reached in the next month. A subsidiary of the investment bank in Asia might be pleading guilty to the violation of the anti-bribery laws in United States and Goldman is going to be required to create an independent monitor for the overseeing of compliance efforts.

The settlement is going to lift the cloud which has been hanging over the investment and the CEO David Solomon ever since he had taken over the company in the year 2018. The bankers of Goldman are being accused of helping the financiers from Malaysia plunder a lot of money form the investment fund known as IMDB and the money was actually meant for benefit of the development of the country’s economy.

It had been previously said that the bank has only two employees who were responsible for this scandal and it was something that was difficult to prevent as the staffers were determined to circumvent the controls. The former partner of Goldman, Tim Leissner had pleaded guilty to this fraud in the previous year and this week he was barred from being involved in any capacity in the finance industry.

The bank’s spokesperson of the bank as well as the bank has not commented on this matter and as per the reports the amount is going to be $2 billion for this settlement.

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