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Seeing AI By Microsoft Assists The Blind In 5 More Languages

The Seeing AI by Microsoft has been useful for explaining text and objects to the blind, but there has been a major issue: it has only been accessible in English, making it a non-beginner if you do not know the language. That will not be an issue for some users from now on. Microsoft has upgraded the iOS-only application with support for French, Dutch, Japanese, German, and Spanish, allowing many more users to interpret somebody’s facial expressions, read signs, and otherwise navigate the globe with the help of spoken hints in their native languages.

Seeing AI stays free. While the support of the language still leaves many users without access (most particularly highly dense nations such as India and China), it goes a long way toward making the PC vision tech more available outside of the UK and North America. The lack of support for Android is an issue, nevertheless. There are a number of nations where iPads and iPhones are either hard to afford or just less ordinary, and the present iOS focus can leave a number of users out of the loop.

On a related note, the web can be a hard place to roam for users who have low vision or who are blind. A large part of the content on the web is a pictorial representation, and unless website developers employ alt text to tag their pictures, it is difficult for consumers of Braille displays or screen readers to know what they display.

To deal with the problem, Google has declared a new feature for Chrome that will employ ML to identify pictures and provide text descriptions of what they display. It is based on the same tech that allows consumers to search for pictures by keyword, and the explanation of the picture is generated automatically.

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