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Google Stops Chrome Update For Android After Loss Of App Data

Updates to Chrome are usually good things, but some Android consumers have a fine reason to criticize about the newest launch. Google has stopped the launch for Chrome 79 on Android after claims of the update erasing info from 3rd-party applications that employ the WebView structure. The data is theoretically still intact, but there is no method to use it. And that’s an issue when some apps rely exclusively or majorly on WebView. It is not clear which applications are the impacted, but Twitter Lite is an instance of one that depends majorly on Google’s platform.

Media discovered that the error was resulting angry users in tanking app ratings. The firm is presently looking at method to fix the error, such as reverting to the old technique or shifting missed files. Either way, you will have to be patient if you are waiting on a fixed edition or have not already got Chrome 79.

On a related note, Google is including various new functions to Chrome to keep you secure while browsing online. To begin, the next time you make an effort to sign into a site, Chrome will alert you if your password and username were negotiated in a data hack. It will also recommend you alter any passwords you have reused.

As Google notes itself, this function is something the firm has been operating on for a while now. It began with an add-on earlier in February; in October, it added the function squarely into Google Accounts.

Google is also including real-time phishing defense on desktop to Chrome. To be certain, Chrome already alerts you when it believes you are about to land on a website that will make an effort to pinch your data. On the other hand, Google claims this new function, which builds on the Safe Browsing database of the firm, is now 30% more probableof warningabout of a possible threat.

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