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Magic Mushrooms may in future be used for treatment of depression.

For the treatment of depression, Magic mushrooms might have gone a step closer.

The ingredient which is active in the psychedelic mushroom is known as psilocybin and a new study by Britain suggests that it is going to safely be used for the treatment of depression when the other drugs have not been able to treat it as it offers a lot of hope to the patients all across the world.

This study involved the administering of psilocybin to 89 adult volunteers who were healthy.

The study had compared the effect which doses of 10mg and 25 mg of psilocybin and placebo would have.

As per the press release of the researchers of this study, no serious adverse events had taken place and there were no effects on the emotional and cognitive functioning of the volunteers who had taken psilocybin. The volunteers had instead experienced a change in their perception and had experienced a mood alteration for the positive which are the typical effects that a psychedelic drug has.

The results of this study have been reassuring clinically and are supporting the further development of psilocybin for the treatment of the patients who have been going through mental health issues and have not been able to see any improvement by the conventional therapy means like the depression which is treatment resistant as per one of the lead researchers, James Rucker.

These are only the first of the two phases of their testing and the second phase is going to involve more than 200 patients who have depression all across North America and Europe.

Over 264 million people in the world have been said to be affected by the mental ailment as per World Health Organization.

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