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Bloodhound car has 800mph target in its sights for 2021

Bloodhound car is setting its sights to make the record for the fastest land moving vehicle. According to Mark Chapman who is the chief engineer of the Bloodhound says that he is 99% sure that this ultrasonic car will create a land speed record.

The car was recently performing its trails on the mud bed of Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. The arrow-shaped car reached a top speed of 628mph or 1010km/h. The team is now heading back to England where it will have an extensive review on all the data that has been gathered from the trial runs.

The car is fitted with more than 200 air pressure sensors which can be visible as dots around the car, strain gauges, temperature readers and accelerometers. According to Chapman, it’s been only a couple of weeks that the Bloodhound has been giving its trials and the upgradations have been done. So the results are highly positive and there is no doubt that the car cannot reach speeds of more than 800mph.

It is also very motivating to see from the technical aspect that there were no major incidents during the trial runs. The technical team had to face some difficulties as the Bloodhound suffered from some technical glitches when it arrived in the Kalahari Desert but all that is a part-and-parcel with such kinds of experiments.

The car was run on several trials to steadily increase its speed and it was pretty successful. Only once did the engineers had to be strip down the entire vehicle due to an engine overheating problem.

There is a lot of work that has to be done. First Bloodhound requires sponsorship and it is estimated that roughly 8 million British pounds are required to break the record. This money will go towards the R&D and operations and also allow Bloodhound to carry a rocket.

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