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Uber stripped of its London license as regulator says it puts passenger life on risk

Uber has been stripped of its license to operate in the heart of England, London. The regulator said that the ride-sharing company was putting passenger life at risk. The move from the regulators was done on the back of a number of security and safety breaches from Uber.

Transport for London which is the regulatory body said that it had identified a pattern of failures by the US-based ride-sharing app which forced it to conclude that it was not fit to be on the streets to provide service to the people.

Uber has said that it would challenge the decision which is quite “extraordinary and wrong”. The company has been given 21 days to make an appeal but it will continue to provide services to the commuters on the streets of London throughout the process.

A key breach that was found by the regulatory body was that Uber systems allowed the uploading of photos of unauthorized drivers to the accounts of the legitimate drivers. This lets the passengers feel that they had booked an Uber while the real driver was someone else. This instance had occurred on more than 14,000 trips according to the regulatory body which meant that all those trips were uninsured.

Some of these unauthorized drivers had been revoked of their licenses earlier. The authority claims that it had observed yet another major flaw in Uber’s systems that it allowed the dismissed and suspended drivers to create an account in Uber and carry passengers without the company knowing. The regulatory body was also concerned over unspecified insurance-related issues.

Transport for London said that Uber had taken steps to fix the issues in its software earlier as well but the regulatory body seems to be more concerned about the fact that the company’s software systems were very easily manipulated.

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