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This firm is hunting for a cancer cure

A start-up company Zumutor, with its headquarters in Boston, is currently researching on antibodies that can fight against cancer. Zumutor is an Immuno-oncology firm founded in 2015 by Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues.  It has US and EU patents for its own discovery platform INABLR which is being used by the researchers to develop immune-oncotherapeutics molecules. These molecules will act as antibodies in fighting against cancer. For Kavitha Rodrigues Zumutor is the second company while previously she worked as an executive in Biocon.

Accel Partners has made the process of raising of funds easier for the company.  It was also a part of her previous venture Biocon. According to her, finding solutions by way of innovative therapy is difficult but with the help of Accel her company has been able to raise funds for devices and pharmaceuticals.

Currently, the firm has a sum of $20 million in its kitty. It also recently got Series A funding from Bharat Innovation Fund and its existing investors. More venture capital firms like IDG Ventures, Aarin Capital has helped the company by giving funds to continue with the research which needs to buy high-end equipment to conduct the research.

Despite the easy funding it took Zumutor 14 months to set up its own laboratory and other infrastructure. Kavitha says that it was not easy for her company initially as the start-up had to face a lot of ups and downs to reach this stage.

Collaborations are a major part of this industry and one of the important deals was finalized with US pharma company Catalent in 2016. With its GPEx technology, the start-up company has been able to continue its research in the field of cancer.  Again two years later in 2018, it made a strike by making a partnership with Syngene International a company that provided help in biotherapeutic antibody discovery.

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