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Massachusetts farmers find unique way of converting food waste to electricity.

With the season that offers big holiday meals begin, there has been a big reflection on exactly how much of food is actually wasted.

There is an estimate by the Department of Agriculture in the United States that if all the food which goes wasted without being eaten in the course of one year only in United States, the amount of food is going to be sufficient for filling a Chicago skyscraper close to 44 times.

Further, as this food gets rotten in the landfills, there is an emission of methane from it which is a powerful gas that has a major contribution to the change in climate. As a fact there is a recent report which suggests that close to 10% of all the emissions that are human generated come from the food that is wasted.

The farmers who are engaged in Dairy farming in Massachusetts have though found an innovative way of creating electricity from this food waste. They follow the practice of feeding this waste to the anaerobic digesters which are operated and built by the Vanguard Renewables that capture the emissions of Methane and generate renewable energy.

The process is started by the gathering of food which is wasted from all across the state which includes a lot of locations of Whole Foods. The stores of the chain in Shrewsbury have installed a system known as Grind2Energy that is a grinder of industrial-strength that eats up all of the food scraps and then it is going to grind that wasted food. The grinder can work on everything with items like rice, grains and vegetables to bones and fishes to greaves and fats.

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