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Twitter Consumers Can Turn On 2FA Without Connecting A Phone Number

Twitter has lastly made an alteration that consumers have been waiting a long time to watch. No, it is not editable posts, but as of this week everybody can turn on 2FA on their account without connecting a contact number.

While SMS-supported two-factor can be a retreat for users who lose access to code-creating machines or do not have security keys, it is very weakagainst SIM-swapping hacks. Twitter included code creator support a while back, but still requested consumers to include a contact number if they needed the extra clarification and you could not eliminate the fallback. That is upsetting for those worried about their security, they might not need to connect a contact number at all to their account, and Twitter has already confessed that it employed contact-numbers to bombard ads even for consumers who refused that.

Hackers employed SIM-swapping to send posts from Jack Dorsey’s (Twitter CEO) account previously this year, and while the breach did not employ two-factor codes, it demonstrated how weak the SMS-supported system can be. If you already have a contact number connected to your profile, then you can erase it now. On the other hand, an employee noted that you cannot eliminate the number and depend just on a security key for access since that is only supported on the website.

On a related note, after months of trailing, Twitter consumers everywhere will now have the capability of hiding responses to their tweets. Instead of deleting an offensive or inappropriate text forever, the new alternative lets you to curate the chat. Other users can still see the replies to your posts by clicking on the grey logo that seems after hiding a response. The feature is accessible on both Twitter Lite and the main mobile apps, along with the web.

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