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Images Of California’s Wildfires Captured By NASA’s Satellite

California continues to face a disturbing trend of wildfire breakout this year, same as the earlier few years. Due to tremendous fire and smoke spreading rapidly across a huge part of the state, an operation to relocate all people living in this region was carried out by the fire-fighting officials. Although NASA is not directly involved in the fire-fighting operations, the organization’s satellites have helped the state in finding out wildfires from its inaccessible regions, which otherwise would be critical to get unnoticed for long period. Reportedly, NASA’s Terra satellite was involved in capturing the images of fires. Some of these images show Kincaid Fire, which created a huge cloud of smoke in Sonoma County.

According to NASA, the fires are growing rapidly and have already spread over the area of 66,000 Acres. The emergency crews get the key data on finding out the location of such fires from NASA’s satellites. This data helps them to find out the exact fire location and the regions where the fires are growing, thereby allows executing a plan to rapidly restrict the fires by doing the better management of their fire-fighting resources. However, the Kincaid Fire has proven to be a serious threat as it was critical in managing even with strong assistance from NASA. While almost 100 structures are damaged due to this fire to date, it might spread into new regions drastically and harm approximately 80,000 buildings, along with more than 70,000 houses.

On a similar note, a Cygnus cargo spacecraft was recently lifted off successfully by the Northrop Grumman Antares rocket, which is on an operation to the International Space Station. Reportedly, a new era in cargo delivery for the station is supposed to be initiated with this launch, which was carried out from Pad 0-A at the Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport.

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