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Space Cargo Unlimited Sends Red Wine To ISS For 12-Months Aging

Space Cargo Unlimited, a European startup, recently performed a launch of 12 bottles of wine to the International Space Station (ISS)—which is said to be the somewhat atypical payload. However, the purpose of sending those wine bottles is not offering leisure-time supplies to the astronauts onboard the ISS but to study how microgravity—a space environment—can impact the aging process of wine. In this research, the aging process of samples from the identical batch will be carried out on the Earth over a similar period of 12 Months. After the return of ISS wine shipment, both the sample results are supposed to be compared to find out the impact of microgravity on these samples.

During the experiment, both the wine samples from ISS and the Earth are supposed to be kept uninterrupted at approximately 18°Celsius regular temperature in their glass bottle environments. This will help the bottles’ inner intricate biological environment perform their work. In the outcomes of the study, there might be dissimilarities in the taste of wine from the space and the Earth. This change is supposed to be occurred due to space-based radiation and microgravity’s impact on the chemical and physical reactions of wine. While the latest study holds the capability to introduce a completely innovative line of factually “space-aged” wines, Space Cargo Unlimited expects that the outcomes of this experiment will offer wider applications across the preservation of food and the associated technologies.

On a similar note, Gaofen-7, the latest Earth Observation (EO) satellite, was successfully lifted off by China. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) stated that the latest satellite has a key role in land mapping & surveying, countryside & metropolitan construction, and geometric research. CNSA added that this is the foremost civil-use optical transmission 3-dimensional mapping and surveying satellite of China, which was launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.

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