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Space Firms Putting Efforts To Develop New Markets With Big Data

The efforts of developing a market for the huge data coming back from the satellites every day is presently carried out by many companies working in the space sector. At present, gathering the huge data from the orbit has become easy due to cheaper charges for launching the Earth-observing satellites to space. However, the services offered by the imaging and analytics firms are used mostly by high-paying users such as the oil & gas industry and the government clients.

Krystal Wilson, Secure World Foundation’s Director of Space Applications Programs, stated, “There are very few industries out there that would not in some way get help from this type of data. How do we make that an effective and efficient process to make that happen? And there is no magical answer to that, but it is going to take many firms trying diverse things.” In an attempt to boost their customer base and revenue, numerous firms engaged in data collection from the orbit are carrying out the analysis and processing of this data.

Planet, which holds over 100 Earth-gazing satellites into orbit, has the ability to image everywhere on the Earth every day and believes that data analytics has a potential in the upcoming market. A Planet spokesperson told Axios that “Our motive is to make satellite imagery unanimously useful to all by indexing the objects in each image and developing a database of not only images but also the physical objects in those images.”

On a similar note, Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX’s COO and President, recently stated that the firm is planning to roll out its Starlink service for customers in the upcoming year. He was talking at the firm’s Washington office during the International Astronautical Congress last week. While Shotwell updated on the firm’s recent progress, he also stated that the firm will have to plan the Starlink satellites’ launch in the set of 6–8 diverse group satellites including the batches launched in this year’s May.

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