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Voyager 2 Discovers Additional Layer Exterior To Our Solar System

Exceptional data from the interstellar space was recently offered by Voyager 2 spacecraft of NASA. Reportedly, this data from the spacecraft highlights the possibility of an inexplicable additional layer exterior to our Solar System.

About 6 years ago, Voyager 1 was launched into the space with an aim to collect the important data on the change from our Solar System into interstellar space. However, this launch was not successful because of an error to its plasma-measuring instrument. Voyager 2, the subsequent space probe from NASA, recently offered critical data, which is available in the journal Nature Astronomy. The thorough study of this data demonstrates that there are mystifying additional layers between interstellar space and the bubble of our Solar System.

The presence of solar winds—charged gas particles’ flows coming from the Sun—from the Solar System was discovered by Voyager 2. These solar winds were found to be interacting with interstellar winds just outside the border of the Solar System. The study’s Co-Author Tom Krimigis stated, “Material from the solar bubble was seeping out in the outer surface, upstream into the galaxy at distances up to a billion miles.” The outcomes of this research highlight the presence of transition levels from our solar bubble to the space, which was earlier not comprehended by the researchers.

On a similar note, recently a zero-gravity oven was sent to the International Space Station by NASA. Reportedly, the aim of this move is to assist astronauts in preparing usual and commonly consumed foods such as chocolate chip cookies in space. Astronauts are supposed to use this oven—which makes use of electric heat like a toaster—to discover the impact of extremely high heat and zero gravity on the consistency and appearance of cookies. NASA stated, “Zero-G Oven studies the food baking process and heat transfer properties in microgravity.”

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