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Google Chrome To Start Blocking Few Video Ads

In a major relief to online video streamers, Google has announced that from August this year Google Chrome will starting ads that disrupt user’s viewing experience. Google, a member of Coalition for Better Ads alongside Microsoft and Facebook, published a blog post to explain which type of ads that appear while watching a video will be blocked by Google Chrome going forward. In the blog post, Google writes that three types of video ads which disrupt the video watching experience for videos that are less than 8 minutes long will be blocked.

YouTube users in particular are annoyed with the multiple unskippable ads that they have to watch currently before their video even gets started. The first type of video ads that will be blocked are the ads or group of ads that are collectively longer than 31 seconds and can not be skipped. The second type of blocked video ads are the ones that appear in the middle of video that has a duration of less than 8 minutes. Ads that appear while the video is playing in the background will also be blocked. Mid-roll ads will continue to appear though on videos that are longer than 10 minutes. YouTube was the first platform that came up with the idea of letting users skip an ad after 5 seconds.

Talking about Google’s plans to improve user experience in the near future, reports also indicate that Google Chrome might soon come up with a feature that blocks all “insecure downloads”. According to Google, every download that originates from an HTTPS website but are not actually served via HTTPS is considered as an “insecure download”. Google states that these insecure downloads can make the user security more vulnerable leaving the user data more prone to a cyber attack.

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