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TCL To Stop Selling BlackBerry Phones This Year

BlackBerry phones, dying a slow death since the past few years, could well breathe its last this year, as TCL Technologies, the only major company to manufacture and sell BlackBerry phones, has announced that it will no longer be selling them as it will no longer be holding the rights to design and manufacture them. TCL Technologies conveyed the news via Twitter that the company will stop selling all BlackBerry phones from August 2020, which very much killed the hopes of a handful of BlackBerry fans that still remain across the globe. TCL will however continue to support existing devices.

One of the pioneers of smartphone industry, BlackBerry lost its market base slowly and had to end production back in 2016. Post that the company had decided to license its brand to third parties. TCL had managed to swoop nearly the entire global rights for manufacturing and selling the BlackBerry phones. TCL did manage to improve BlackBerry phones by pairing them with the latest Android tech, but failed to garner any major hit worldwide. BlackBerry does have other manufacturing partners but their presence is next to negligible. There is no response for BlackBerry on its future course of action. The two probabilities, other than the end of BlackBerry, are either BlackBerry restarting production on its own or looking for some other global partner.

Talking of new developments in the tech arena, Facebook is reportedly planning to launch its own operating system to part ways with Google’s Android. The company has been dependent on Google for much of its hardware requirements. To fix that, Facebook has roped in one of Microsoft Windows’ co-author, Mark Luckovsky, who has been tasked with building an operating system from the scratch that can help dismantle Facebook’s dependence on Google for hardware.

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